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How to Become Pilot

 In childhood, when people see flying airplanes. So many of them think that if I became a pilot then the plane would fly. But such a dream remains a dream only. Because at that time only you think that I too will become a pilot. Rather than trying to become a pilot.

What is this qualification for "How to become pilot" article? How much salary does it get? It's about to tell about this. If you are eager to become a pilot. So you can follow all these things and become a pilot.


If you talk how to become a pilot then
  • At least you have to pass the 12th class. That too with at least 50% marks.
  • You should have a good fitness.
  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • Your height should be at least 5 feet.
  • Vision of your eye should be perfect.
  • The biggest thing is that your mental state should be perfectly alright.

How to Become a Pilot :-

Becoming a pilot is not an easy task. To become a pilot, you have money and fitness along with studies. Let's tell you step by step how can you become a pilot

Qualification :-

First of all you have to complete your studies till the 12th. Remember you have to do 12th science stream from i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Math Subject. And you have to bring at least 50% marks in class 12th.

Apply for SPL :-

After passing the 12th pass you will now have to get SPL ie Student Pilot License. For this, you will have to take admission in any college recognized by the DGCA institution. For this, you have to give an exam. You have to pass these exams. After these exams, you will have to go through many tests. All these things you have to compile.
After this you will now have a medical test. You must also clear this test. Apart from this, your bank account record will also be seen here that you have not taken any loan from the bank anywhere. After all these things have been complied, your SPL is made.

Apply for PPL and CPL:-

After getting the SPL, you will have to apply for PPL ie Private Pilot Licensee. In this, 60 hours of training is given to you. And then you have to apply for CPL i.e. that's the Comercial Pilot license.

It offers 250 hours of training. Along with you, you have to go through medical tests and examinations. After this you get the certificate. And you become a good pilot too.

Fees and expenses :-

If talking, it seems too much about fees and expenses to become a pilot. That is not easy to fill for the Medium Family. During training, the expenses of the pilot, the cost of the ship, you have to pay for all these things. Together with all these things, almost full expenditure comes to 40-60 lakhs.


The salary of a pilot is very high. A pilot is given a monthly salary of one lakh to five lakh, depending on which place you are pilot.

Now let us tell you that if you want to become a pilot. So in what educational institution you should take admission-

  • Indira Gandhi National Park Academy, Bareilly
  • All India Institute of Aeronautics, Dehradun
  • International Asiatic Aviation Academy, Indore
  • Government Training School, Bengaluru
  • International School of Aviation, New Delhi

I hope. With this article, you have got all the information about "How to become a pilot". If you have any other problem related to it. Then you can ask him in the comment.

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